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Blessed Sacrament Parish

Counting OUR Blessings Fall Raffle

Counting OUR Blessings Fall Raffle! 

In place of our Fall Festival, we are excited to offer our Parish and School Community the opportunity to Count OUR Blessings this year with a November Calendar Raffle!   Each ticket is $20.00, which gives you 30 chances to win, with $5,120.00 awarded throughout the month.  Tickets will be sold through Mon., Oct. 26th.  Please stop by the Parish Office this week to get your tickets, or mail a request in for tickets, and we will email you a copy of your stubs.  The drawing will take place Thurs. Oct. 29th, with cash prizes going out each week in November.  You will receive a letter explaining the raffle, along with the opportunity to mail in a request for tickets. We are TRULY BLESSED! 






As a parish, we are committed to working together to make Jesus Christ known, loved and served in our families, throughout the Hibbing community and in the world. We are also committed to live as the Lord taught, drawing inspiration from the scriptures and strength from the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Our parish strives to nurture spiritual growth, share the gifts God has given us, and invite others into a relationship with Christ.

We are One Body, One Spirit in Christ.

New You Tube Channel

We are working on making livestream more avaialable at the Parish.  Please subscribe to our You Tube Channel and check back for updates.

Blessed Sacrament You Tube Channel.

Mass Sign ups are no longer required

Effective the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 12th & 13th), Mass sign up is no longer required.  

Please note:  Sunday Mass will be broadcast live each Sunday at 8am on HPAT.org or Channel 5.  The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is dispensed.  


Church Hours

CHURCH HOURS:  The Church will be open for prayer each week as follows:  Sunday 7:30am until the conclusion of 10am Mass; Mon., Tues., & Wed.7:30am-4pm; Thurs. 7:30am-5pm; Fri. 7:30am-1pm; Saturday 8am-5pm.  

MASS TIMES:  Daily Mass times: Monday-Friday 8am.
Weekend Masses: Saturday 4:15pm; Sunday 8am & 10am



Face Coverings

Reminder: The State of Minnesota requires face coverings per Emergency Executive Order 20-81.  Please keep this in mind when attending Masses.  Thank you.

Parish Life

  • Fall Festival 2019
  • Fall Festival 2019
  • Men's Coffee Social
  • Blessed Mother, pray for us!
  • Father Jeremy at Guardian Angels
  • Women's Easter Tea
  • Feast of Guardian Angels
  • Women's Easter Tea
  • Feast of Guardian Angels
  • Women's Easter Tea
  • Feast of Guardian Angels
  • Women's Easter Tea
  • Thank you, BeFrienders!
  • Packet Picnic 2019
  • Men's Retreat 2019
  • Bishop Picnic Side Lake Chapel
  • Packet Picnic
  • Bishop Picnic Side Lake Chapel
  • A Seminarian Blessing..
  • Bishop Picnic Side Lake Chapel
  • Staff Potluck 2019
  • Bishop Picnic Side Lake Chapel
  • Bishop Picnic Side Lake Chapel
  • Ash Wednesday Mass
  • Ash Wednesday Mass
  • Women's Summer Tea
  • Divine Mercy Sunday
  • Women's Summer Tea
  • 33 Days to Merciful Love
  • Theology around the Fountain
  • Women's Summer Tea
  • Deanery Divine Mercy Sunday
  • 33 Days to Merciful Love
  • Women's Summer Tea
  • Women's Summer Tea
  • Fr. Matthew Miller Mass of Thanksgiving
  • Fr. Matthew Miller Mass of Thanksgiving
  • Fr. Matthew Miller Mass of Thanksgiving
  • Fr. Matthew Miller Mass of Thanksgiving
  • Dale and Mary Ellen Nevalainen celebrate 50 years of marriage!
  • 10th Annual Blue Mass
  • 10th Annual Blue Mass
  • 10th Annual Blue Mass
  • Fr. Beau's Farwell Reception
  • Totus Tuus Mass
  • Totus Tuus Parish Potluck
  • Hibbing Deanery Reparation for Sin
  • Bishop Visit
  • Bishop Visit
  • Baking with the Saints
  • Bishop Visit
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Womens' Retreat
  • Womens' Retreat
  • 6th grade graduation! Congratulations
  • Bishop blesses the Guardian Angels Residents
  • Bishop Visit
  • Bishop Visit
  • 2019 Memorial Mass
  • Collection counting!
  • During the school shutdown, our INAC crew working hard to provide ...
  • Holy Week 2020 Stations of the Cross
  • Palm Sunday palms available outside the church for curbside pickup
  • Collecting food for those in need during the "Shelter at Home" order.
  • Sanctuary Rail
  • Our beautiful Altar
  • Chrism Mass
  • Chrism Mass
  • Chrism Mass
  • Chrism Mass
  • Chrism Mass
  • Chrism Mass
  • Easter Vigil
  • Outreach
  • Easter Vigil
  • Our beautiful Altar
  • Easter Vigil
  • Easter Vigil
  • Theology Around the Fountain
  • Theology Around the Fountain
  • 2019 Parish Funspiel
  • Ash Wednesday Mass
  • 2019 Parish Funspiel
  • Ash Wednesday Mass
  • Widow's of Prayer 1st Saturday Retreat
  • Fr, Gabriel blesses Fr. Beau at his last Mass at Blessed Sacrament
  • Confirmation Mass
  • Totus Tuus 2019
  • Confirmation Mass
  • Confirmation Mass
  • Palm Sunday Procession
  • Confirmation Mass
  • Palm Sunday
  • Confirmation Mass
  • Palm Sunday
  • Fr. Gabriel blesses the Confirmands before the Confirmation Mass
  • 14th annual Corpus Christi Procession
  • Palm Sunday
  • Confirmation Prep
  • 14th annual Corpus Christ Procession
  • Palm Sunday
  • 14th annual Corpus Christi Procession
  • Palm Sunday
  • Parish Penance Service
  • Fr. Sampson enjoying our story hour with Assumption Students.
  • Outreach
  • First Communion Mass
  • Hosptial and Homebound Ministry meeting
  • Weekend of Engaged Couples
  • Weekend of Engaged Couples
  • Soup Supper
  • Our wonderful Grandparents!
  • Soup Supper
  • First Communion Retreat
  • The Cub Scouts participated in the Flag Ceremony at the Womens' gathering
  • First Communion Retreat
  • First Communion Retreat
  • 40 Hours Devotion
  • Grandparents Day
  • Mass of the Presentation of the Lord
  • Mass of the Presentation of the Lord
  • Father Gabriel joins in a dodge ball game with 5th grade
  • Youth for Life
  • We welcome Fr. Sampson with a coffee social
  • Fr. Sampson prays with the Widow's of Prayer
  • First day of school blessing.
  • Father Gabriel blesses our School!
  • Blessing of our School!
  • First day of School Mass.
  • Widow's of Prayer new member promises.
  • Widow's of Prayer promises
  • Widow's of Prayer lifetime promise.
  • Widow's of Prayer following Promises
  • Annual Women's Summer Tea
  • BEAUTIFUL cake baked and decorated by Mary Wanhala
  • 2018 Totus Tuus- God is GOOD!
  • Our Beautiful church!
  • Opening Prayer Fall Festival 2018
  • The Kitchen crew
  • Kids' games
  • Parishioners enjoying fellowship at lunch
  • Josh Milani playing beautifully!
  • Lunch and fellowship
  • The Knights working hard in the beverage booth
  • Susie and Jes
  • Small Raffles
  • Father Gabriel blesses the Fall Festival
  • Theology Around the Fountain
  • Blue Mass flag ceremony
  • Volunteers host an ice cream social for residents at Hill Crest ...
  • Bill and Norma Schleppegrell celebrated 70 years married on August 28th, 2018.
  • Pre-glow run set up
  • Blue Mass
  • Assumption School Golf outing
  • Assumption School Golf outing
  • Golf outing
  • Golf outing
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Thank you Hibbing Fire Department!
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Totus Tuus water fight
  • Theology around the Fountain..introduction
  • Assumption Catholic School class of 1964 reunion
  • The Saints go Marching in.. Totus Tuus
  • Our wonderful Totus Tuus team!
  • Fr. Gabriel leads in prayer before our meal..
  • 2018 Parish Potluck..Totus Tuus
  • 1964 graduating class of Assumption School
  • Assumption students celebrated First Holy Communion at the School Mass
  • Mass is celebrated at the Lee Center in Hibbing every 2nd ...
  • The 2018 Parish Funspiel was a success, with many families gathering ...
  • Palm Sunday
  • The Council of Catholic Women presented a check to the Parish ...
  • Lenten Stations of the Cross
  • Fr. Beau talking about Palm Sunday with our Kindergarteners
  • The Annual 6th grade Crosswalk
  • 40 hour Deanery Lenten devotion
  • 40 hour Deanery Lenten Devotion
  • Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Dinner.
  • The crowning of Blessed Mother Mary.
  • Engaged Weekend
  • Women of the Parish Easter Tea
  • Youth for Life had a successful bake sale, with proceeds given ...
  • Father Gabriel teaching our kids reverence before entering the Church.
  • Together for Life Father's Day Caramels
  • Father Gabriel celebrates 10 years of ordination. What a BLESSING.
  • Pierogi making with the 6th graders
  • Together for Life sells caramels
  • Fall Festival dodge ball with the sisters
  • Traditional water fight at Totus Tuus
  • Veteran's Day celebration with Assumption School
  • Parish Funspiel
  • Assumption School students raise funds for area life care centers.
  • Palm Sunday Preparations
  • Palm Sunday Preparations
  • Blessing of Palms at Blessed Sacrament
  • Palm Sunday Procession into the main Church

Resignation of Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy

Father James B. Bissonette, diocesan administrator for the Diocese of Duluth, has issued a statement regarding the resignation of Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy.  Statement on resignation of Bishop-elect Mulloy.

Please click here for a full statement from the Diocese of Rapid City:  Bishop-elect Mulloy statement of resignation.


  • Sun, Oct 25th

  • Sun, Oct 18th

Parish Staff

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday........8:30am - 4:00pm
Friday....8:30am - 1:00pm

Election Day Adoration

On Election Day we will once again have the opportunity to come before our Eucharistic Lord in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, to ask for His blessing upon our nation and for His will to be done.  "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land".  (2 Chronicles 7:14) Adoration will begin   after the 8am Mass and continue until the polls close at 8 pm on Tuesday, November 3rd.


Fr. Gabriel's bulletin article for October 25th.

Please click here to read Fr. Gabriel's bulletin article for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  Fr. Gabriel's bulletin article for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2020 October 25th, 2020.

All Souls Day Masses Monday, Nov. 2nd

The All Souls Day Masses will be at Mon., Nov. 2nd 8am & 12:05pm.  The Parish Memorial Mass will be celebrated at 6:30pm.  At that time, we will remember and read the names of those in our Parish Family who have died this past year. 


Family Life Care Center Assistance

Our Hibbing Family Life Center, formerly known as Options for Women, has been hard hit financially due to the Coronavirus.  The services they provide are dependent on the generosity of people committed to life and on fundraisers.  Both venues have been severely hampered or curtailed during this crisis.   In order to even keep their doors open, they are need of financial assistance, as well as baby items such as diapers, wipes, formula, etc.  They counsel women contemplating abortion, help families with baby necessities, and provide parental education in the Learn to Earn Program.  The message on their website is, "If you are unsure where to turn, we will walk with you.  If you need baby items, we will share.  If you want to talk, we will listen, If you are feeling alone and scared, we will be there".  Please be there for them in this time of emergency.


Important Notice!

Important update! Access to Parish Offices:  Now that school is in session, please use Door 2 or Door 3 on 7th Ave to gain access the parish offices.  Door 10 from the parking lot may also be used, but you will need to walk through the courtyard or around through the church to the other link.  The doorway into St. Leo's Hall will remain locked.  St. Leo's Hall is temporarily being used as the school cafeteria to socially distance our students.


An update on the Immaculate Conception Closure

Update as of September 19th, 2020:

Please click here to read the decree provided by Fr. James Bissonnette in regards to the reduction of the Immaculate Conception Church.:  Decree provided by Fr. James Bissonnette in regards to Immaculate Conception.

Update as of July 28th, 2020:

The rectory has been on the market for roughly a month.  In that time, we have had one offer that fell through.  Please pray the right buyer comes along to purchase the property.  With the potential for a sale, the rectory was readied to be emptied and items moved over to the Blessed Sacrament Rectory.  We patiently await the installation of our new Bishop to be able to proceed with the status reduction of the church.

Here is an update of the Immaculate Conception since the closing on December 8th:

  • A Letter of Reduction has been submitted to the Diocese to reduce the status of the church from sacred to profane—meaning it can be used as a secular space. This reduction gives us the ability to make decisions on how to proceed with the church building. No formal response has been received.
  • Requests have been sent to local appraisers and realtors for bids on appraising the property, as well as, requesting formal presentations of how they would suggest marketing the two properties should we decide to sell.
  • Kitchen items have been inventoried and categorized by: keep for use, sell, or broken and thrown out.
  • Items from the church and sanctuary have been earmarked for the Side Lake Chapel.
  • All sacramental items have been brought over to Blessed Sacrament for safe keeping and to be used with Sunday liturgies.

As more developments happen, we will keep you informed.


40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life

In 2019, 450 (79 more than 2018) precious babies were aborted at the WE Health Clinic abortion facility in Duluth.  From Sept. 23 thru Nov. 1, you’re invited to join other Christians for 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion and to give public witness by peacefully praying at the 40 Days for Life Duluth Prayer Vigil with daily hours, 8 am - 8 pm, in the public right-of-way outside the abortion facility located in the Building for Women at 32 E. 1st. St., Duluth.  40 Days for Life is now a global campaign in 64 countries. Since 2007, 17,226 babies have been saved that we know of; 206 abortion workers quit their job; and 107 abortion facilities closed. For more information and to volunteer to be a prayer warrior on the Vigil, contact Paulette Moreland at 218-348-1345 or [email protected] or Darla Kyllander at 218-750-0279 or [email protected] You can see more info and sign up online for vigil hours by going to 40daysforlife.com/duluth. Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/40DAYSFORLIFEDULUTH.



Matthew Kelley Virtual Event!

Matthew Kelly virtual event!  The world sees who you are.  God sees who you still can be.  You can’t cancel hope.  You can’t cancel inspiration.  And you can’t cancel Amazing Possibilities!  Join Matthew Kelly for our first ever virtual event—featuring an interactive Dream Session, inspiring music, as well as live Q&A with Matthew.  You don’t want to miss this one!  The cost is $39.00.  Please visit dynamiccatholic.com to register. 


Mass Times

Blessed Sacrament - 4:15 pm
8:00 am * 10am
Side Lake Chapel Mass at 10am (through Labor Day)
Blessed Sacrament - Monday -Friday 8:00 am
+ MASS IN LATIN 1st SATURDAY(each month) and all Saturdays during Lent: 8:00 am

What Can I Expect During "Phase 2 Liturgy during the Pandemic"?

A letter was sent May 20th, detailing what to expect upon returning to public Mass.  To view this letter, please click here:  What Can I Expect During "Phase 2 Liturgy during the Pandemic"?.  

In order to safely return to Mass, we are asking for volunteers to assist in the areas of Security, Greeter/Usher, and Cleaning team following Masses.  If you are interested in helping with the return to Mass, please call the Parish Office 262-5541.  

Updated Protocals for Public Masses

Please click here for updated protocols for public Masses: Updated Protocols for Public Masses dated May 23, 2020.

Return to Public Mass

The illustrations show what the Church will look like with our limited return. 


Return to Public Mass ~ Think in terms of Households for seating and Communion

As we return to public Mass for sign up, seating and communion we will have to get use to thinking in terms of Households. Social distancing limits us based on households.

"Rest in the Rosary"

Please join us at 7pm, live on Facebook, to "rest in the rosary."  Let us be united as a family in prayer!  

The rosary was given to St. Dominic in the 1200's, by Mary, as "the weapon the blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world".  In the 20th century, theologian Fr. Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange said, "What the word of the preacher (St. Dominic) was unable to do, the sweet prayer of the Hail Mary did for hearts".  Pope Leo XIII said," thanks to this new method of prayer...piety, faith and union began to return and devices of the heretics to fall to pieces".  Our world is in much need of the assistance this heavenly prayer can obtain for us.  Our mother has told us often to pray the rosary for the conversion of sinners and for peace.  As we are beginning to return back to church, we are resuming our practice of praying the Rosary for Life on Tuesday mornings before Mass at 7:30am, the rosary for children at 8:30am on Wednesday, and the Rosary for Priests at 8:30am Thursday mornings after Mass.  Social distancing will be practiced.


2020 UCA

UCA Assessment  $108,792.65
Collected as of 10/26/2020 $60,209.51
Needed by 12/31/2020 $48,583.14

During these challenging times, “You are the Light of the World.” The work of Christ and the mission of the Church continue within our parish and diocese. You make this happen. Recently, you received an invitation to participate in the parish’s United Catholic Appeal. As always, it’s simply an invitation for you to pray about. There are various giving options for you to choose from depending on how you prefer to contribute. Please strongly consider giving online which saves the parish valuable resources. You may mail your gift in the enclosed envelope or give throughout the year by using your UCA giving envelopes. I hope you see how You Change lives, including your own through your prayer and sacrificial generosity. Thank you for the gift you are to this parish community! If you are not the Light of the World, who will be?




Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is available in the Main Church each Thursday from 12:00pm-5:00pm. 


Confessions are available Thursday at 12:00pm; Saturday at 10:00am and 3:00pm.  The confessions have moved to the nursery.  

Mass Broadcast

The 8am Mass is broadcast live each Sunday on local Channel 5 and HPAT.org.  The Mass is re-broadcast during the week on Wednesday at Noon and Thursday at 10am.  Please click here to view Mass on Sunday at 8am HPAT.org.


Safe Environment

Please click here to learn more about Safe Environment through our Diocese of Duluth website:  Diocese of Duluth Safe Environment.

We Remember Bishop Paul Sirba

Bishop Paul David Sirba, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Duluth, MN, beloved shepherd of the people of the Diocese of Duluth, dear son, brother, uncle and great-uncle died of apparent cardiac arrest at his home in Proctor, MN on Sunday morning, December 1, 2019, the First Sunday of Advent.

To honor the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ as carried out by Bishop Paul D. Sirba, memorial gifts may be sent to:

The Diocese of Duluth

2830 East Fourth Street

Duluth, MN 55812

Please write in the memo Sirba Memorial

or click donate at www.dioceseduluth.org





Your gifts will help us reach the most vulnerable during this time.  Please consider signing up for online giving through our website.  You may also mail in contributions to:   2310 7th Ave. E. Hibbing, MN.  Thank you for your continued generosity!  

Help us stay connected with you!

Parishioners!  We want to stay connected to you during this time.   Please take a moment and click the link to submit updated contact information to our Parish Staff.  Parishioner Information Form.  God Bless you and stay well.   

Divine Mercy Image on Door for Home Protection - by Fr. Mark Goring

Please click here for a video showing how the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will protect our homes. Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Brian Lederer

To Fr. Gabriel Waweru and the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament parish,

Brian Lederer, who previously served as an Associate Pastor at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hibbing, MN, has voluntarily requested, and Rome has granted his dismissal from the clerical state, effective March 14, 2020.  This means that he cannot exercise ministry as a Catholic priest and is dispensed from priestly celibacy.

Very Rev. James B. Bissonette

Diocesan Administrator Diocese of Duluth

Immaculate Conception Church Closure


Immaculate Conception Church is now closed.  Please join us for 8am Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church.  This Mass will be broadcast live and re-broadcast during the week on Wednesday at noon and Thursday at 10am.  


For a history of Immaculate Conception Church, please click here:  "Built by Living Stones with a Vision of Heaven"  A History of Immaculate Conception Church

Restoration Updates

Restoration Updates:  

If you have been on or driven by the church campus in recent weeks, you may have noticed work being done on the rectory.  We have contracted with Jerome Stanoch of Building Restoration Services to remove the chimney and repair damage done to the roof and exterior walls from years of water infiltration.  Bricks on the north wall have been removed and replaced, and the column on the balcony on the east side above the patio has been demolished and rebuilt.  It, too, had sustained much damage due to water infiltration.  The old gutters will be replaced with large new gutters capable of shedding large amounts of water away from the building.

Once the rectory work is complete, Jerome will move to work on stabilizing and securing the guttering system on Blessed Sacrament Church.  His work here should help prevent future ice damming on the roof.

This is not the first time Jerome has worked on Blessed Sacrament.  He spent the summer of 2015 restoring, cleaning, and tuck pointing our bell tower.  We thank God for his talents and expertise!


2019 Mortgage Burning Celebration

Hymnal Memorials

In Nov. 2015, the Parish received new Missals from JourneySongs, which is a permanent, hard cover book that includes Sunday readings for all three liturgical cycles (A, B, & C), many beautiful prayers and reflections and Rites of the new Church.  We are offering Hymnal Memorials.  If you would like to dedicate a book “in memory of a loved one, or to honor someone you know”, please fill out the Hymnal Memorial form and return to the Parish Office.  Forms can be found at the church entrances, or please stop by the Parish Office.

Recommended donation per book:  $20




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Bankruptcy Letter from Bishop Paul Sirba

A letter from Duluth Bishop Paul Sirba, updating the faithful on the diocesan bankruptcy, was read in parishes across the diocese the weekend of May 4-5. The letter can be read here:  Letter from Bishop Paul Sirba.