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                                        Catholics from across the range rallied in the Twin Cities on March 23 in support for religious freedom.          WORDS INTO ACTION            rally

A chartered bus left Hibbing Friday, March 23, with members of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Hibbing, St. Joseph Parish in Chisholm and St. Cecelia Parish in Nashwauk to attend the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in St. Paul. The rally at the State capital was one of 140 rallies nationwide to oppose the mandate under the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare” that requires all employers to provide health care plans that include free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion inducing drugs regardless of any moral or religious objections.  Most institutions run by religious entities and churches, such as schools, charity outreach and hospitals are deemed by the government not to qualify for the narrow exemption from the mandate.   Participants from across the state, from many walks of life and of different religions, came together in solidarity to oppose this intrusion on First Amendment rights. The rally in St. Paul exceeded 2,000 participants and  included speeches from Constitutional lawyers, Baptist and Evangelical Ministers and Catholic Bishop John Quinn of Winona. The peaceful rally emphasized love of liberty, of country and of God. It concluded with participants joining voices and hands singing “God Bless America”.    


MOTHER'S DAY CARNATION SALE coming in April/May. Proceeds will support the parish subscription to Northland Family Programs. As members of Blessed Sacrament Parish, couples can learn a safe, natural and acceptable way to plan families.